Cheap Mobile Phones – Innovative Gadgets at Lesser Prices

There are so many reasons behind the popularity of mobile phones. One of the main reasons is that it is the best source to stay connected with friends, relatives, colleagues and family members in this busy world. Moreover, this gadget helps its users in each and every aspect of their life as it comes with all the personal and professional features. Due to the unbelievable changes in the field of technology, now a mobile phone is usually available with all the multimedia features like a digital camera, music player, video player besides gaming features.

The users of this modern age are so lucky as they have a chance to enjoy all the world-class entertainments in one small device. To offer mobile phones to all kinds of people, most of the mobile manufacturers have started introducing cheap mobile phones in the market. That means the
phone users can now get latest technologies embedded mobile phones at very low prices.

These cheap mobile phones come preloaded with all the seamless and sophisticated features. The users can even use these gadgets as a laptop, in a sense, as they allow them to enjoy all the Internet facilities like sending emails, chatting and even surfing websites etc. The GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth connectivity and USB support features of these phones help the users to transfer data on these handsets from other compatible devices at a high-speed. Moreover, these cheap handsets come with sleek dimensions and elegant looks so that the users can carry them wherever they go without any hassles.

When it comes to the entertainment features, these mobile phones are the best sources to get ultimate delight when you are free and alone. Now, one can enjoy their favourite music even while he is on the move as these devices come embedded with an integrated music player and FM radio with RDS technology. One of the fascinating features of these phones is their digital camera that allow them to capture the most precious and funny moments of their life.

If you looking to buy a mobile phone at a very low price, there are so many ways to get cheap mobile phones in the present day mobile market like visiting online shopping portals, purchasing new or even
second-hand phones and shopping at a carrier store etc. Among these sources, the best way is visiting shopping portals over Internet. This is the quick and easy way to find all the low price mobile phones at one place. You can find numerous types of varieties to select from. One more advantage of purchasing phones online is you can pay less amount than the others, who purchase on mobile stores as you did not buy through the retailer like them.

Most of the mobile users, who are looking for advanced technology mobile phones at an affordable price are going for online shopping portals. Because, these stores are offering innovative and trendy looks mobile phones at very cheap prices. Here, you can also find all the mobile deals, discounts and offers that are provided by the retailers. You can select the best deal that suits to your needs, budget and priorities of using a mobile phone.

One of the better ways to get cheap mobile phones is purchasing second hand mobile phones. Not all the second hand phones are damaged as against the common myth shared by most of the users as most of the mobile users are ready to sell their phones even when they are in a good condition for purchasing a new phone handset. If you have a thorough knowledge of mobile market, sometimes you can find the high-end features mobile phone at a very low price. Some of the retailers are providing phones at very cheap rates to expand their business as well as to survive in this competitive market.

If you take some precautions before going to purchase a cheap mobile phone, you can have a stylish gadget with innumerable features in your hands at an affordable price.

Making Your Mobile Phone More Eco-Friendly

We don’t think of our mobile phones as being particularly bad for the environment. The problem is, though, that we tend to hold onto our mobiles for only a short period of time. Some studies suggest that mobile phone owners upgrade to better models every year. That means we’re throwing away an awful lot of mobile cell phones. And that, of course, is very bad for the environment.

Fortunately, there are steps we can all take to reduce the negative impact that discarded mobile phones have on the environment. And it all starts with recycling all these unwanted mobile cell phones.

The scope of the problem

The numbers are dismal: Of the 140 million mobile phones disposed of in 2007, a total of 126 million were simply tossed in the garbage.

Our landfills are becoming increasingly crowded with discarded mobile cell phones. And these phones often contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, cadmium and lithium. These chemicals can leak into the soil, and eventually end up in nearby streams, creeks or rivers.

In the UK, only 14 million mobile phones that were discarded were recycled. That’s an especially depressing figure; it only represents 10 percent of the mobiles that consumers threw out.

Making a difference

You can make a difference, though. You can take steps on your own to at least keep your mobile phone out of a landfill.

The most obvious step is to use your current mobile phone for a longer period of time. The new mobiles on the market may sound enticing with their new features and applications. But how many of these new features do you really need?

If more people would use their mobile phones for three years or longer, the number of these phones thrown out each year would drop dramatically.

If you do need to upgrade to a new mobile phone, you can still do good by the environment. Many charitable and non-profit organizations have set up their own mobile phone recycling programs to collect used mobiles. They then send them to people who can’t afford to purchase their own mobiles.

Search out these charities and donate your old mobile phone to them. You’ll be doing a good deed for both the environment and for someone less fortunate.

Recycle your mobile phone

The big mobile phone makers recognize the problem of discarded mobiles, too. That’s why many of them have set up their own take-back programs.

As the name suggests, manufacturers will take back old versions of their mobile cell phones when customers move up to newer models. These manufacturers will then recycle the mobile phones that are turned into them.

Many municipalities, too, run mobile phone pickup days. During these days, they’ll pick up any old mobile cell phones – and usually other discarded consumer electronic products – and keep them from ending up in landfills. They’ll either donate the old phones to charitable organizations or send them on to be recycled.

Make some extra cash by recycling your mobile

Finally, you send your unwanted mobile phone to any of a number of private companies that specialize in recycling the devices.

Best of all, these companies will pay you cash for your old mobile phones.

Simply search the Internet for companies that recycle mobile phones. Once you find one you like, find your phone’s logo. Click on it, and the company will make you an offer. If you like the price it gives you, accept the offer and wait for the company to send you a padded envelope.

You then drop your phone inside the envelope and mail it back to the company. Usually within seven business days, you’ll receive your agreed-upon payment.

LG KS360 Mobile Phone

This portable phone is definitely a text heavy mobile phone for the mass market. Full QWERTY keyboards have always been a characteristic that has been reserved for smartphones mainly for commerce as the full QWERTY keyboard is perfect for long email and text messaging work. However, LG has come with a mobile phone that gives you the messaging ease of a QWERTY keyboard but targeted more at the throng market user. So how does a mass market mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard fare in our test?

First off, the build superiority of the K360 is astonishingly solid. For a throng market mobile phone, LG has managed to make the KS360 as solid as what you would anticipate from higher market mobile phones. The slider feat did not in anyway feel fragile while I was using it and it did not even feel as if I was using it and it did not even feel as if I was holding a model cellular phone. As unyielding as it is, the KS360 is also pretty light for a mobile phone in its league, weighing in at 108 grams which I presume is due to the lack of finest functions you would usually expect from business mobile phones.

The mobile phone also comes with a pretty large 2.4 inches and 256K color screen which is perfect for media viewing especially video. However, as such you do not get a normal twelve-key keypad as the front of the mobile phone is taken up by the screen, two softkeys, navigation keys, call keys, the cancel key and another key to bring up the digital keypad.

Now you might be wondering how to dial out since there is no twelve-key keypad on the mobile phone. Frankly, dialing with the QWERTY keyboard is quite ludicrous but you should not worry too much on that since there is still a 12-key keypad on the mobile phone, albeit a digital one.

Like I said before, there is an input to bring up the digital keypad on the mobile phone and from there you can dial out pretty easily without having to resort to the QWERTY keyboard. The greatest thing about this is that LG has made it so that you experience every button that is pressed via resistive vibrations. I found that there were practically no errors in my dialing as LG did not make the finger-touch function too responsive.

The amusing thing is though the keypad is touch-based, dialing is the only function that applies the touch role of the mobile phone. When you bring up the menu, you could not really select the applications or options by touching them and had to rely back on the navigation keys instead.

One definite thing that did interest me was that the KS360 does provide you email functionalities, as well. Usually a mobile phone of this price point will lack email functionalities, however since the KS360 come with a full QWERTY keyboard the inclusion of emailing functions should be expected.

You can easily set up your email accounts including Gmail though you will require the natty details of your electronic mail servers and such. I was disappointed with the basic WAP 2.0 browser on the mobile phone though. Although connectivity is limited to EDGE and GPRS, LG could have at least given us a better enhanced browser.

The KS360 mobile phone comes with a two mega pixel camera which is fixed focus. Images taken with the camera on the mobile phone were astoundingly decent in good lighting conditions. In fact, better than what I expected the result would be. Media playing on the mobile phone was also pretty first-class as well with music and video being played with decent sound and display quality. It was a disgrace that a 3.5mm audio jack was not added to the mobile phone as it would have made the media playing functions of the mobile phone more enviable.

However, since it is Bluetooth A2DP, you still can use stereo headsets. Also although you could expand up to 4 gigabytes via microSD, I still felt that the insufficient fifteen megabytes of memory on the mobile phone was rather penny-pinching on LGs side. However, that is a small little exasperation I was willing to let through.

In conclusion, I have to say that I was authentically flabbergasted with the KS360. LG has managed to come up with a mass market mobile phone that is perfect for the messaging market which I think in Asia part of the world is pretty huge. At such a low price, the mobile phone is really affordable almost by everyone and the little niggles aside, I’m pretty sure the text passionate users will quickly take a shine to this wonderful mobile phone.